A new, simple cost effective solution to keep your business growing online.


We are not here to reinvent the wheel, we are here to help you get the best ride out of it. Our skills are in utilising the resources that already exist within your organisation. We proactively manage the flow of content from within your company, empowering staff to deliver quality content while freeing them from the constraint of constantly delivering quality online content.



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“if you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you always get.”

— Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, and even Mark Twain


It may be free to start your first website, but as you soon find out, keeping things going requires dedication, resources and specialist knowledge. Webchores provides a simple, responsive and cost effective solution to keep your business growing online. We have over 20 years experience in helping New Zealand companies find smarter ways to get better content online.

At webchores we manage websites for:

  1. people who don’t want to pay to have their website redesigned every time
  2. people that don’t want to be billed for every little change they make
  3. people who don’t want to pay for stuff they never use
  4. people that want to grow their business online


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We specialize in website management for traditional small businesses. From hair salons to attorneys, we can help you extend your web presence with a website that’s professionally managed and perfectly integrated into your business.


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More than just chores – we get a team on-call. Anytime we need any website changes, it’s just a phone call or email away.

– P.G.

There is nothing like this service. It’s by far the best value for managing our brand online. A great company to work with, friendly and responsive.

– R.S.

Great people to work with, and they have increased traffic and sales on my website. Thank you for an exceptional service.

– R.O.



Why do it yourself. Let our skilled team take care of your webchores for you. Anytime you need something done to your website, we’ll do it for you. Simply send your instructions and tell us to make it look great.