We are practical thinkers

Webchores is a web consulting firm founded in 2014 by two partners coming from experiences in corporate management and creative agencies. We help SME’s create thoughtful, compelling experiences by leveraging the resources they have and combining them with clever thinking. Our process leads to measurable results, growth and fun.



Whilst he mightn’t look it, Richard has been a creative for over 20 years. As a motivated youngster, he started out with Levene’s in 1994, after which he paid his dues mastering his skills in both advertising agencies and design studios across Auckland.

Along the way, his talent grew and, inevitably, he came to the conclusion that the old models of design studios and creative agencies were fatally flawed. That’s why, in 2014, he and his wife Vicki joined forces and set out on a mission to help people with their webchores.

Richard has that rare gift for being able to connect with you, your vision and your commercial imperatives, allowing him to interpret your needs – even if it’s only the vaguest notion of what you want – and deliver something tailored to your company.


It’s not a job it’s a lifestyle. So, whilst Richard is hands-on in the business, Vicki is the steady hand on the business. Having spent over a decade transversing a number of high-profile management roles in travel and the not-for-profit sector, Vicki can offer her own creative input as well as the ever-practical attention to detail honed in the corporate world.

The heart of webchores runs like a Swiss watch and it’s Vicki that winds that watch on a regular basis. Her meticulous attention to detail and helpfulness has rightly earned a reputation amongst our clients. Behind the scenes, Vicki also drives the marketing of our business, as well as managing our staff and finances.