Social Media Trends to Watch in 2018

The PR, social media, and advertising industries will see content take an even greater role in 2018 as technology advances and become more immersive. How brands and agencies create and use that content will reap the rewards from an audience hungry for authenticity and content that is intentionally fleeting, yet more influential than ever.


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“Often small and subtle changes can make the biggest impact when dealing with technology and especially at a large scale.”

We all want to publish the websites we create as quickly as possible after we finish working on them. And let’s be honest: sometimes that comes at the expense of leaving out some important UX factors that negatively impact how users navigate the site.

The problem is, in taking a few pre-launch shortcuts, we risk permanently losing long-term users over UX mistakes we could have fixed in an hour or so. Here are a few ‘low hanging fruits’ that can have a fast UX impact.

— 5 Ideas to Improve Your Website UX in Under 2 Hours


The thing about bananas

About half of all the bananas consumed worldwide come from the same tree.

Not the same type of tree. The very same tree. The Cavendish, which has no seeds, is propagated by grafting or cloning. Which means that they're all identical. If you're a mass marketer, pushing everyone to expect and like the very same thing, a thing with no variation and little surprise, this is good news indeed.

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So what is “good design”?

This definition is not so simple. The best designs are notorious for seeming not designed at all – or ‘undesigned’.

It’s easier if we break things down a bit. If you know what to look for, it’s easier to identify good design when you see it; or perhaps when you can’t see it at all.