Evergreen is Out; Ephemeral is In.

Is evergreen content dead? Maybe. However, one thing is clear: consumers are growing tired of content that is not tied to action. The new content wave is in ephemeral content, which is led by SnapChat and its 10 billion daily video views. After seeing the mass adoption of Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram both introduced the “Stories” feature and the ability to post live, as it happens video. This ephemeral content generates a high engagement rate. With Instagram set to surpass one billion users in 2018, ephemeral content will only become more influential. Ephemeral content captures the FOMO ("fear of missing out") phenomenon. The authenticity of ephemeral content is particularly important when targeting millennials. Research from the Brookings Institute has shown that 84 percent of millennials have a deep mistrust of traditional advertising. This is especially important when considering that this group accounts for more than $1 trillion in U.S. consumer spending.


(via Michael Munz)

Richard Clague