80 webchores

  1. verify business on google maps
  2. write effective title tags for web pages
  3. add meta descriptions for web pages
  4. create H tags for each web page
  5. define core keywords and apply to website
  6. add alt tags
  7. optimise images to improve load times
  8. develop outbound links
  9. increase variation of media across website
  10. find and fix broken links
  11. create an avatar for social profiles
  12. correct crawl errors
  13. improve layout and formatting
  14. add full contact information
  15. add social sharing
  16. amend image file names to reflect page content
  17. replace out of date products and services
  18. ensure keyword density
  19. share website content on social media
  20. answer customer questions on your blog
  21. update user passwords (regularly)
  22. review who can access your CMS
  23. create site wide call to action
  24. define web personas to target
  25. edit/remove/improve content on key landing pages
  26. fix bad grammar and typos
  27. fix browser specific issues
  28. refine your homepage value proposition
  29. set up goals in google analytics
  30. simplify forms, add specifics, drop in “click triggers”
  31. make pages more visual
  32. post interesting images
  33. add video content to website and social media 
  34. use white space on web pages
  35. simplify website navigation
  36. improve call to action language
  37. review your hosting plan
  38. use a consistent colour palette
  39. add photos to staff/team pages
  40. ensure every page leads to a new page
  41. add thank you pages to forms
  42. maximise page load speed where possible
  43. test every link
  44. make links clearly identifiable
  45. add H headings to website pages
  46. remove flash from website
  47. minimize HTTP requests
  48. reduce server response time
  49. reduce the number of plugins you use on your site
  50. use your website like a customer
  51. read page content out loud
  52. remove generic links
  53. create exchange for actions on page
  54. replace clipart
  55. increase proof of authenticity
  56. allow customers to join a database
  57. only collect data you use
  58. add content to google+
  59. post photos to google maps
  60. integrate content with social media
  61. rewrite all headings/headlines
  62. add long tail keywords
  63. set up company page on linkedin
  64. post content to linkedin
  65. market to email database
  66. submit your blog posts to StumbleUpon 
  67. share your blog posts regularly on facebook
  68. add quality downloadable content to webpages
  69. comment on industry blogs
  70. find your suppliers on social media and connect
  71. find key influencers on social media and follow
  72. email users when something happens on site
  73. email users who abandon their shopping cart
  74. fact check your content
  75. develop better content
  76. correct company details on common business databases
  77. find and fix 404 errors
  78. Run User Testing on your website’s core functions
  79. review website traffic patterns
  80. add/edit/remove content on landing pages with little engagement

Why do it yourself

We are not here to reinvent the wheel, we are here to help you get the best ride out of it. Our skills are in utilising the resources that already exist within your organisation. We proactively manage the flow of content from within your company, empowering staff to deliver quality content while freeing them from the constraint of constantly delivering it online content.

  • Platform independent, we don’t host your site we just work on it
  • Empowering you, we are happy to train you or your staff
  • Fixed price, we don’t charge for every little thing
  • We have a process, we work to an agreed plan

Why do it yourself. Let our skilled team take care of your webchores. Anytime you need something done to your website, we’ll do it for you. Simply send your instructions and tell us to make it look great.